Microsoft has passed $1 trillion in revenue and its profit is impressive

Microsoft Profits at 1 trillion dollars

Last quarter Microsoft hit a massive milestone, surpassing $1 trillion in all-time revenue, according to technology consultant Jeff Reifman.

Reitman noticed the very impressive milestone while investigating Microsoft’s tax breaks in the state of Washington. 

In a spreadsheet posted by Reifman he recognized the milestone.

While Apple hit the same $1 trillion milestone earlier in 2015, Microsoft achieved the same goal with better profit margins.

Microsoft collected $265.2 billion in profit on $1 trillion in revenue while Apple managed $261.6 billion on the same earnings. In both cases the company’s have achieve profit margins of at least 26%.

Amazon in comparison has collected $545 billion in all time revenue but only $3.31 billion in profit. Google has earned $417.3 billion in all-time revenue with $96.3 billion, cumulatively, in profit.

The larger profit margin at Microsoft makes sense considering that the company has earned much of its profit from software which traditionally provides for greater profit margins than hardware sales.