Microsoft Is About To Snatch Up Wunderlist And Expand Its Multiple OS Approach For Productivity

Wunderlist acquired by Microsoft

Microsoft is on the verge of acquiring to-do-list app Wunderlist, a program that helps users manage everything from their grocery list to their scheduled work assignments. The Wall Street Journal reports on Monday that the two companies are very close to a deal.

Wunderlist doesn’t just create simple lists, it also allows users to share tasks and lists with other users. For example, you can send a shopping list to your spouse, or share work assignments with a co-worker.

We use Wunderlist at BusinessPundit to share story ideas and offer feedback on the products we are reviewing or the stories we are developing. Using the app users can share due dates, manage tasks, and add notes. The app updates in real-time which allows all users to quickly collaborate and receive needed information.

Microsoft appears to be headed towards a goal of productivity dominance. This is the third productive app acquisition for the company in the last year. The company picked up Acompli and relaunched it as the new Outlook app for Android and iOs. The company also picked up calendar app Sunrise, which syncs with Google and other calendar services.

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The biggest boost to strategy for Microsoft is picking up productivity apps that exist on the Windows platform and the operating systems of the company’s closest competitors. Microsoft has built productivity that spans the likes of iOS, Mac OS X, Google Android, and Windows.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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