Microsoft Is Partnering With Baidu In China As Bing Fails To Catch On

Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft is planning to give Edge browser priority to Baidu in China, replacing its own Bing search engine option in the country. will become the default search and homepage inside the browser.

According to CNN Money, the Bing search engine has failed to gain traction in the country, perhaps because it sounds too close to the Chinese word for sickness.

Microsoft has been working more closely with Chinese firms ┬ásince CEO Satya Nadella took over as the company’s CEO.

China’s President Xi Jinping met tech executives in Seattle this week and toured Microsoft’s headquarters with Nadella.

The company has also struck a deal with smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi which will bring the Windows Azure cloud to the smartphones.

American companies are attempting to partner with firms in China to avoid trade secret theft and to avoid annoying regulatory standards created by the countries communist regime.

Windows 8 was banned from government computers in China in 2014 and an operating system that almost directly mirrors the Windows XP design is being used by some local government agencies.

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Microsoft estimates 90% of Chinese PCs are running illegal copies of Windows software.

Written by Peter Mondrose

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