Microsoft Offers Reward for Virus Writers

This is one way for Microsoft to make Windows safer.

The world's largest software company announced Wednesday in Washington that it is creating an anti-virus reward program, backed by $5 million of its cash, to help law enforcement agencies catch the authors of computer worms.

As the first part of the program, Microsoft (MSFT: Research, Estimates) announced two $250,000 rewards, a total of $500,000, for information that leads to the arrest of the writers of two nasty computer worms — the Blaster worm and SoBig.F e-mail virus — that crippled many PCs running on the Microsoft Windows operating system this summer. Microsoft did not announce specific plans for the remaining $4.5 million in the reward program.

I think they are going to have to boost the payout to get hackers to rat on their friends. It is definitely an interesting move. I guess it is easier than writing a better operating system.