Microsoft Cloud And The Economist Team Up To Empower Businesses And Employees

The Economist and Microsoft Cloud - Empowering Business

Do all of your employees strive for excellence? Have they found the passion in your business that you hope they will work towards achieving? These days business moves at an incredibly fast pace, but workers are looking for different things to fulfill their lives.

The Economist explains that entry-level and mid-level workers are now more interested in finding passion, meaning, and purpose in their careers, while 64% of executives said they want to “achieve excellence,” as their top aspiration. The disparity between executives and employees is of great concern to many organizations, and something The Economist tackles in a new website sponsored by Microsoft Cloud.

The Economist and Microsoft Cloud

The “Empowering Business” platform offers insights on the most pressing challenges professionals face today. From achieving a new role with better pay and responsibility, to better managing your time and learning negotiation skills, the new website offers a wealth of knowledge to Freshman workers and their seasoned counterparts alike.

Some of the questions posed and answered the portal include: “How important is emotional intelligence to being a successful CFO?,” “What’s the biggest mistake sales and marketing professionals make?,” and “How does an HR executive get the attention of the C-Suite?”

If you want to build a better company culture, create a better teamwork environment, or you simply need to take a step back and examine the inner workings of your company or your own personal on-the-job performance, you can check out the full Empowering Business website HERE.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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