Microsoft Vs. Linux

Martin Taylor has been given the task of "coordinating a companywide strategy to support its proprietary technology so that Microsoft can counter the open-source camp." Sounds like a tough job.

But Taylor, who joined Microsoft in 1992 in Washington, D.C., says the battle will ultimately turn on making sure customer satisfaction is more than lip service. That has sometimes proved more difficult than it might sound at first blush.

For the most part, however, the company's argument comes down to a strict total-cost-of-ownership comparison, with a checklist of Microsoft features and services set against a rival Linux offering. That's an argument Taylor believes he can win.

I think Microsoft's biggest challenge is the fact that they are know for having security issues. Part of the appeal of Linux is that fewer viruses and hackers target the operating system, because it is less popular. It doesn't really matter if they lose this battle though. Microsoft has enough cash to operate for years without taking in any revenue.