Microsoft’s Strategy


Businessweek has an article about a memo they obtained that discusses Microsoft's new strategy (click on the MS logo to view their new Windows Live Beta). The new strategy consists of launching tons of apps over the next few months that they hope will attract users in droves.

A slew of other features are on the way, the company says. "Over the next 3-6 months, we'll ship more innovative technology into the marketplace than during our entire 10-year history," writes Cole, who said in February he'll be taking a year's leave of absence starting in April.

How will all that innovation be delivered? Services will be introduced with what he calls a "rolling thunder" approach. "We'll release new services as they become available, upgrade existing services, and launch marketing efforts in global phases," the memo says.

Sounds sort of like the way Google does things, doesn't it? Microsoft no doubt sees Google as a threat, and they have a hell of a financial war chest to take into battle. The biggest difference I can see as an outside observer is that Microsoft seems much more concerned with the revenue generating potential of the applications they will be providing. I think that is a good move. Could Google's eventual downfall be that they provided too much for free?