Million Dollar Ideas: Copying Clothes

I read a statistic the other day that when men go shopping for jeans, there is a 70+% chance they will come home with a pair, but when women shop for jeans there is only a 24% chance they will come home with some. I was so surprised, I saved the article to show Mrs. Businesspundit. Her response was "of course, because when you try on jeans they always look like crap." Being the goal-oriented person that I am I couldn't understand it. "But if you go to the store to buy jeans, you have to get some jeans. That's the whole point."

The discussion led to Mrs. Businesspundit's clothes-buying philosophy. She happens to be 6'0", and there are no tall women's clothing stores here in Louisville (we hit them when we travel, though). So her clothes, particularly shirt sleeves, are never long enough. When she finds something that fits well, she buys a lot of it. I think it's odd, but if she finds a shirt she likes, for instance, she will buy 4 just like it in different colors. I began to wonder how many other people shop like this and, why clothing companies don't offer it over the web.

Remote Work in the Coronavirus Economy

Here is how it should work. You go to the store and find something that you like. You wear it a few times and find that you really really like it. So you get online and, somewhere somebody has the pattern that it was made from, right? You find it (maybe at the original company, maybe at some aftermarket clothing house) and order a bunch of clothes in that pattern in whatver colors you want. Sure, custom made clothes are a little pricier, but if this method became popular, some smart entrepreneur would problemably figure out how to do it more efficiently. I think it could be a big hit.