Miltonians and Hillarians

Tomas over at Teekay's Coffeeshop has a link to this article about celebrating diversity (a little tounge in cheek no doubt). What I like is the commentary from Tomas that:

The core problem with this is: Hillarians would not let Miltonians be Miltonians because "live and let live" is a concept they traded for "we know what's good for you".

This is so true. Some people are just luckier by virtue of being born with better genes, more intelligence, better athletic skills, or into a family with more connections. I believe in giving everyone an opportunity, but liberals today too often want an equality of outcome, not opportunity. They can't accept the fact that some people just don't work hard, some don't care about their future, and on the flip side, some of us are more successful because we spent our free time reading Ben Graham's Securities Analysis instead of watching tv for three hours a day. Not that there is anything wrong with having fun, but you get out of life what you put into it.

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Liberals don't like this because it isn't fair. And I agree, it is not, but no political system is totally fair. You have to play the hand you are dealt. You can't turn to the government and trust them to know what is the better road – because government equals power and power corrupts.