Miss Florida – CEO

This is very interesting.

Most people know 23-year-old Melissa Witek by another title: Miss Florida USA, which she won about a month ago. So people likely aren't looking at her ears, but gazing at a sparkling crown ringed by stars and a silvery sash proclaiming her new status.

But the Cocoa Beach native is quick to point out that she is not defined by glitz and glamour, but rather granite and grout. She is owner and chief executive of Ampex Granite Inc. in Rockledge, which became incorporated Feb. 4.

Colleagues say Witek is direct and a quick study, attributes competitors say are crucial to make it in the stone-and-marble business, a "cutthroat market," she said, where "price lists are sacred" and a sector which some say can take nearly five years to fully grasp.

She definitely doesn't fit the prototype of your typical entrepreneur. Congratulations to Melissa for making the right choice (in my opinion) to focus on her business. That level of dedication should serve her well down the road.

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