Missing Work Doesn’t Always Serve the Greater Good?

Joe Queenan thinks presenteesism might not be as big a problem as some make it out to be.

Lately, we have seen a disconcerting spate of articles in the press about the wonderful things executives and their underlings can achieve when they are not actually in the office. A recent Wall Street Journal article gushed about the rising popularity of executive sabbaticals, enabling gifted burnouts to recharge their batteries by taking some time off. Another Journal story discussed the leadership-building opportunities to be gained from hitting the high seas and crossing the Atlantic in a 70-foot sailboat. Perhaps the most interesting article of all was a New York Times piece headlined "When Employees Are Sick, Absenteeism Can Be a Virtue."

His argument doesn't really flow and is really a combination of several issues, but check it out because at the very least it is unconventional.

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