More Against "Big Food"

I can't believe people actually think like this.

What is really at stake in the politics of fat is the extent to which government should restrict corporate and media influences on the American diet. There is no choice for consumers when every street corner and highway is crowded with fast food franchises and no healthy alternatives are available. There is no possibility of informed consumer decisions, when saturation advertising entirely overwhelms the cautionary messages of doctors and health professionals.

Wrong. What is really at stake here is whether or not people have to deal with the consequences of their decisions. How exactly are we supposed to know what is an "acceptable" level of advertising? Who is to say how you or I should eat? Why is it bad to be obese? Sure, the health costs to society are high, but that is only because we have shifted the burden of healthcare costs too much on society, and less on the individual. And anyway, lots of other choices have societal costs. Think how much stupid people affect our lives through their dumb choices. Divorces clog up the legal system.

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