More C02 = More Trees

This post by FuturePundit must really cause a dilemma for hard core environmentalists. It seems that more C02 in the air increases the spread of forests near desert areas. FuturePundit points out the following ironic situation that we may face in the future:

This latest report suggests that the rising CO2 levels of the next few decades will provide some benefits to humanity. When renewable replacements for fossil fuels become cost competitive there may well be a debate at that point as to whether we should continue burning fossil fuels at a rate fast enough to maintain CO2 at a level that will support the continued spread of forests into deserts.

I don't advocate dumping toxic waste in the river or anything like that, and overall I support taking care of the environment. But I am not a doom and gloomer like some of these Green Party people. Studies like this show that nature is in a balancing act all the time, and can take care of itself pretty well. Life on Earth existed for billions of years before we came along, and survived some catastrophic events. I think the Green Party needs to look at the bigger picture.