More Oil From Junk

Here is another article about making oil from waste. I wrote about this once before, but haven't seen much about it in the news. To me, it seems like a big deal.

The plant ultimately will grind up, heat, pressurize and process 182 tonnes a day of leftover turkey innards, bones, feathers, fats and grease – enough to produce 600 barrels of oil daily, officials say.

I guess the problem is cost:

Robert Brown, an engineering professor at the Center for Sustainable Environmental Technologies at Iowa State University, said scientists have known for years how to use thermal depolymerization to convert waste into energy.

The problem, he said, is cost. Biological materials, like turkey byproducts, contain water that must be removed before they can be turned into fuel. Brown said biomatter also contains oxygen, which gives it a less explosive kick than fossil fuels.

"I'd be surprised if they can do it at a good price," he said.