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The Canadian Headhunter left an interesting comment on a previous post.

I find it odd that you have to apologize for supporting evolution.

Interestingly enough, I feel as though I live my life apologizing for what I think. He's right, I never had to do that in Denmark. With certain people in America, I never have to either. But most of the time I do.

I have to temper my message to people on most of what I believe. You can probably see some of that in my writing. I am ambivalent about many issues because I just don't see most things as black and white. For instance, I whole heartedly support globalization. But I also realize it won't work if other countries don't have good legal systems to define property rights, banking systems to lend credit, politicans who are to some degree honest, and many other factors. That, more than anything, is the problem in America. I see complexity where people see simplicity. I see gray where people see black or white. People ask me if I support moving jobs to India. It's a loaded question. It would take at least ten minutes to explain my views on that.

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