More on Neurocompetitive Advantage

Zack Lynch has another post on neurocompetitive advantage.

By providing the brain with additional capability to learn, we will really begin to be able to take advantage of the immense quantity of information we are creating. For example, language learning and retention although greatly augmented by real-time digital translation devices will be even easier as cogniceuticals accelerate neural connectivity in the brain networks involved in language. As neural plasticity and connection patterns are created through experience, retention rates will be dramatically higher, decreasing overall learning time.

I think we will see a day when this stuff becomes a reality. Competitive advantage will come not just from managing knowledge generated within your company, but by managing the ability of your employees to learn, think, be creative, etc. The workplace will change significantly in the next few decades as brain research reveals ways to improve human performance. Much of it will be initially controversial, I am sure, but like most other true ideas, eventually they will catch on.