More on the Music Industry

Barry Ritholtz contintues to beat up on the music industry.

The economy slows, CD sales slow.
The economy recovers, CD sales recover.

If I am going too fast for you with this complex and sophisticated economic argument, please let me know. I can't make this explanation any simpler, but perhaps I can find some crayons or blocks for you to play with.

The simple truism above is well known to everyone outside of the music industry. For unknown reasons, the music industry and the RIAA act as if they are exempt from the business cycle. Most sectors of the economy suffer during recessions — the exceptions are "interest-rate sensitive" groups, like Autos, Home, and Durable Goods, which benefit from the falling rates which usually accompany economic slow downs.

Yet again Barry shows why he is smarter than music industry executives. Maybe we can start a business blog charity drive to buy some books on basic economics and marketing to send to music industry execs.

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