Morespace – The Video and our Marketing Issues


Todd Sattersten, the originator of the More Space project, has posted a short video, on how the book was made. For those of you not reading this blog last year, More Space is a business book written by 9 business bloggers including yours truly. The project was fascinating, and I think the book is great in the sense that with 9 different authors on 9 different topics, everyone can find at least one chapter that they love.

This would be a good time to discuss something about the book I've wanted to address for awhile. We've had problems getting the word out about MoreSpace, since we don't really have a marketing budget. The thought was that with all of our combined blog readership we would sell a few thousand books pretty easily, but I think we were less than 200 last count. So what can we do? Seriously, if you have any good marketing ideas, the MoreSpace writers would love to hear them.

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I think in large part we were guilty of overvaluing the blogosphere, which is common these days. Blogs talk about things and we all get excited and bloggers are changing the world, and all the time middle America is asking what's a blog and why should they care. The only idea I have for selling more books is to put some cash behind a big marketing campaign, since that seems to be how books get sold. The funny thing is that 80% of the top selling business books probably don't belong there, but they were marketed well.