Most Popular Online Degrees

What are the most popular online degrees?

With each passing year it seems clearer and clearer that online education is the wave of the future. While there are certainly kinks to work out, and standards to be established, the fact remains: more and more students are opting for online colleges over traditional ones.

Obviously not all forms of education translate well into the online learning environment. And there are some programs that are more suited towards being online. The degree programs that work online and have the biggest job market tend to be the most popular online degrees being chosen by students today.

According to The Best Degrees, here’s a list of the top 10 most popular online programs:

1. Business administration and MBA programs
2. Psychology
3. Nursing programs
4. Engineering
5. Liberal Arts/Humanities
6. K-12 Education
7. Information Systems and Technology
8. Criminal Justice
9. Early Childhood Education
10. Health Administration

Source: The 10 Most Popular Online Degrees

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