Most Victims Of Faulty Ignition Switches Are Accepting GM Compensation Offers

Chevy Cobalt Faulty Ignition Switches
General Motors is paying $1 million or more per family to settle faulty ignition switch lawsuits brought against the company over its negligence.

GM’s compensation fund has finished processing all of the claims it received and 308 of 397 offers have been accepted.

The fault ignition switches caused 124 deaths and 273 injuries. The company made compensation offers to all of its victims and their families.

While the company continues to wait for the remaining offers to be accepted, five have been rejected. The fund is waiting for decisions on 84 offers.

The company is is offering at least $1 million to family members and surviving victims. The company has set aside $625 million for compensation efforts.

GM recalled 2.6 million Chevrolet Cobalt and other small cars last year. The company admitted to knowing about the faulty ignition switches. GM says it hid the issue from the general public for more than a decade.