Motorola Unveils 7 New Android Phones

Not to be outdone by its competitors’ offerings, Motorola unveiled a whopping seven new Driod smartphones at a pre-CTIA Wireless conference. Here are the expert rundowns:

The Driod Pro is meant to take on the Blackberry, according to CNET:

Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha called the phone, which sports a 3.1-inch touch screen display and a QWERTY keypad, the first Android phone designed specifically for business users.

The company has added several features to the Droid Pro, which could make it a strong BlackBerry competitor. BlackBerry is still the No. 1 smartphone used by large corporate customers. The most important features Motorola has added allow IT managers to actually manage the phones and they also allow these IT professionals to secure the devices and protect data from leaking out of the company via stolen or lost devices.

The Motorola Citrus
is 25% recycled. From Slashgear:

Verizon has liberally splashed Bing integration all over the Citrus, wherever Google used to be, and there’s a trackpad on the back of the smartphone for easier navigation. In all, this isn’t likely to be a barnstormer of a device, but then again it’s also likely to be relatively cheap and Motorola has made the body from 25-percent post-consumer recycled plastic so there’s a little green halo around it too.

DailyTech has good reviews of the Bravo, the Flipside, the Flipout, the Defy, and the Spice.

Motorola’s not phonin’ around, that’s for sure.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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