Mouse Logo FAIL


  • metaL

    looks like a penis

  • Alex

    No job too hard…

  • iLLusion

    LULZ, Now that is funny, because its already bought and payed for!

  • lol EPIC FAIL >.<

  • anton

    not funny, FAIL

  • anonymous

    it looks like a penis

  • jo mama


  • anonymous

    REALLY??? You really think so?


  • johnny

    obvious comment is obvious.

  • anonymous

    it does not look like a “U”

  • neen

    hahahahahhahahaha,,,the funniest thing eva!EVA!

  • Kanda Bongo Man

    Yep. Definitely a penis!

  • fake e fakerton


  • anonymous

    and a leaky penis at that

  • anonymous

    wow… YOU THINK?

    talking about stating the obvious

  • anonymous

    Heh, henh, henh, henh, they said penis.

  • Anony-leakypenis-mouse

    It’s most appropriate as 99% of computer problems are caused by leaky penises. Look it up.

  • jordo

    WELL DONE!!!!!!! nothing like pointing out the obvious

  • I would like to hereby present the First Poster with the Nobel Prize for ‘getting it’.

  • Warren

    Any of you who think that looks like a penis must either have a really screwed up looking dick, or you’ve been getting with guys that have screwed up looking dicks.

    You people need glasses…

  • Fuck you


  • Vimmer Day

    What u on about? My dick looks exactly same but a little bit smaller.

  • thug wife

    it kind of looks like a penish

  • Well, It looks Like a Sperm……. :P