Movie Investment Opportunity

I don't normally write about investment opportunities I run across. That is not what this blog is about and most people find them via local groups anyway. Also, I would never invest in a movie because most of them lose money. So I'll break two rules here. Through a local investment club, I came upon an opportunity to invest in a movie about customer service. Actually, here is the synopsis:

In it, seven underappreciated retail workers make a bet to see who can get fired first by giving the most appalling –yet hilarious– customer service imaginable. Somehow, they each find love, friendship, and job satisfaction in the process.

It turns out one of the writers is a guy I went to school with but haven't seen in about 15 years. They are seeking $5 million in total, in chunks of 25K. All proceeds go to pay back the investors before any profits go to anyone else. Given the nature of the film and the fact that I know one of the writers, it has some appeal to me. So if any of you are interested in a fun side investment (don't invest in a movie if you can't afford to lose your 25K), shoot me an email – Rob-at-businesspundit-dot-com. If you don't hear back in a few days, re-send it. Sometimes they get lost in the junk.

  • We are a small indie film studio with a good track record for being innovative. We want to raise money for a film and found a site that lets filmmakers list info about their films so that they can attract investors. We want to send out e-mail blasts to our friends on myspace and facebook but are a bit nervous that this would constitute an illegal solicitation of investors. You seem to be solicitating investors here. Does that mean it’s OK to ask people to invest in films online? Is the trick to have them write to you and ask about it first, so you establish some type of relationship? Do things the right way is important to us and we are extremely honest, straight forward professionals and don’t want any legals problems. Since you seem to be an expert on entrepenurial activities, we’re hoping you can set us straight. You can check us out at and feel free to e-mail us at