Moving Jobs Back to the USA

Businesspundit reader Ben sends in the following email.

I work tech support for a decent sized company here in the US. We use primarily Dell PC's here and lately our department has had quite a bit of trouble getting the proper amount of service through Dells tech line. Most of which is answered in Asia. I had problems with an issue today and called and spoke with 4 different people with accents, none of whom understood my problem and all of whom transferred me to the wrong area of flat out accidentally dropped the call. Finally I got a hold of a good ole' Texan (Austin) who got my problem resolved for me in less then two minutes. After listening to my complaining a bit about their outsourcing choices he told me that Dell was in the process of moving it's tech support jobs back to the US due to problems they've been having. It'll take a few months to get it set up, but they're not going to use the Asian phone support anymore. So chalk up a couple hundred jobs coming back to the USA. Since I'm IN the phone support business it sure makes me feel good.

Interesting turn of events. I bet Jim loves to hear stuff like this.

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