Must-Have WordPress Plugins for your Business

Ahhhh WordPress. Home to numerous amounts of bloggers, moms, students…and also businesses. WordPress has become such an efficient and easy to use platform, that many companies big and small are utilizing it for their main CMS. The plethora of plugins available not only allows you to simplify your business in ways you didn’t know possible, but are also extremely easy to install and use. So what are some plugins that can be useful to your business while using this platform?

For the company blogs that may have press releases, you can get a Feed Burner account which has many options, including setting up special RSS feeds and giving your readers the ability to sign up to your feed and receive new posts via email. This is a great way to not only allow users to get your information delivered to them when they want it, but it also allows you to see who is subscribed to your email list.

Another great plugin that many small businesses are using now is the ‘Facebook Like’ feature. With Facebook Like for WordPress, you can have a small button on your website and/or posts so that users can share what they found useful with their friends. Because of open graph becoming an up and coming thing, making sure that you’re connected to Facebook as a business is extremely important. While we’re on that subject, you should also have a Facebook fan page. Just saying.

If you’re a business that is HIGHLY dependent on your contact form for lead generation, you may have noticed that you’re running into some problems. I, for one, tend to overlook the contact form information that gets sent to my email account. Sometimes it gets buried, and other times I click it, promise myself that I’ll put it into a CRM program and then leave it unread and never do it, and sometimes it just gets eaten by the spam folder. The average contact form will only gather the user’s email address, name and a message. If you have an advanced contact system they can also include their phone number etc. I’ve found a pretty amazing plugin for WordPress can easily fix this problem.

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If you happen to be using the Salesforce CRM to manage your contacts, then this plugin will be perfect for you. WordPress-to-lead pulls the users information out of your contact form and puts it directly into the Salesforce CRM. Not only does it lets you skip doing the daunting task of finding your lead information from your email inbox, but can also completely eliminates any chance of error that might occur if you were copying and pasting these information manually. If you decide to use this plugin together with Salesforce CRM, you’d soon realize that this is both efficient and time saving. According to Yoast, a website who has tweaks and tips to optimize your website:

If you’re still stuck, like we were, getting leads through email and are having issues following up and taking care of those leads correctly, this could very well be the solution you need.

The beauty of this plugin is that it also:

* syncs effortlessly with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! and more
* tracks all your interactions and conversions
* keep all your information and tasks organized under one roof

If you’re interested in seeing this in action, you can see one here.

You can find many more plugins through the WordPress Plugin Directory.