My Experience with "Web2.0" Ideas – What Works and What Doesn’t

There is some debate over what constitutes Web 2.0. Several major ideas are recurring themes in Web 2.0 ventures, including wisdom of crowds, peer production, microchunking, and applying open source ideas to business models. Like most anything else, these ideas have some good characteristics when applied correctly, and are entirely useless in other contexts. Over the last three years I have been involved in some unique projects that incorporate many of these ideas. This post is my reflection on what I have learned. Part 1 describes the various projects, and Part 2 discusses the Web 2.0 ideas and my personal recommendations based on my experiences.

  • I agree you are right but as time passes Global demands and the way of work is also changing , we should keep focus on Global Audience and their requirements.

  • chloe

    Has your interest in web 2.0 led to an understanding that your site is so filled with ads that it is pretty much un-navigable? Because it is.