My New Blog URL

As I think about where to blog come February, I have 4 major options. I'd be interested to hear if any of you have an opinion on which one is the best URL.

1. Some version of my name. I don't have or, but I have just about everything else. I don't want to be a consultant or speaker or guru, so I'm not sure this is a good approach for me. I lean towards a blog with a different name. Maybe that's a mistake.

2. – It combines my introverted thinking nature with my tendency to take things as they happen. But I can envision people mispronouncing and misunderstanding it.

3. – I tend to be ambivalent about so many issues, seeing the good and bad with both approaches. This URL could justify posts that equivocate.

4. – It comes from the cargo cults, one of which built airstrips and "coconut headsets" after WWII, and wondered why the planes and the economic growth didn't return. It encompasses this idea that people often confuse cause and effect, and replicate the wrong parts of a system, expecting to get the same results as the source of their copying. This blog would be a logical home to write about cognitive biases, decision making, and similar stuff as it applies to business.

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I still want to keep blogging because writing helps me work out my thoughts. I just don't want to write so often. Another secondary goal of the site will be to start writing about behavioral finance, one of the fields I've come to love over the last few years, but is not mainstream enough to write about on Businesspundit. I want to start exploring ideas and engaging discussion on that topic so that I am well prepared to pursue a PhD in the field in a few years.

So if you have any input, or think one of the domains really sounds good, leave a comment or shoot me an email.