MyFreeImplants Makes Boob Jobs Recession-Proof


Attention, women: The economy does not have to stop you from getting a boob job. I learned this sage lesson today through MyFreeImplants, a site that lets men contribute money to women’s boob jobs.

The website brings together women who want breast implants, but can’t afford them, and benefactors (mostly men) who fund to their buxom cause. Women post a bio that includes pictures and plastic surgery wishes. They then have access to live text/audio/video chat with other people in the community.

Benefactors, on the other hand, buy message credits or a monthly membership. They can send women direct donations, request videos or custom photos (they can even request outfits), chat, and revel in the boobulous masses.

The website explains the “best part” of the process:

And remember…the best part is seeing the newly transformed ladies after the surgery when they return to the website to post pictures of the results. You can take pride in knowing that you helped her improve her self esteem and self image!

Viewers can also see the girls express “real (post-op) emotions” via video.

The company business model–which culminates in women weeping in thanks for their new boobs–apparently works. The site is now in its fifth year. Adam Corolla said the owners are “doing the Lord’s work.” I say that despite peoples’ best efforts to advance certain causes, like acceptance of bodies and respect for women, the bottom line still applies. Sex sells.

  • Tori Vaison

    I personally became a member of this website as a model. After a few months my account was deleted for no reason. When I contacted the site, they let me know there wasn’t an account registered with my e-mail address. After that I received no further responses.

    Even though Jayson, the creator, charged the benefactors up the wazzoo…the site needs a ton of work. My account was deleted because of a server gliche! It happens to models everyday, and Jayson doesn’t so much as say he’s sorry for it. Now, all my friends are wondering where I am, and I am worried another account will get deleted again.

  • jay

    looks like a copy of The big difference I see here is that they dont give you the cash and limit you to a boob job. lets you cash out anytime and there is no limit on how my money you can make.

    I have to agree with Tori, I have heard soo many horror stories about myfreeimplants, its seems like one big ponsi scheme to me.