NASA Just Discovered The ‘First’ Second Earth

NASA scientists and astronomy geeks have spent years looking for Earth-like planets that could potentially sustain human life. The problem with that search has been finding an exoplanet that features all of the necessary components to allow for human survival.

An Earth-like planet orbiting a different sun thousands of light years away might seem like some sort of fantasy, but these exoplanets have been discovered for the last two decades.

The right planet needs to be similar in size to Earth, orbit a star similar to our own sun, and fall in a habitable zone that allows the right temperature to house liquid water.

Kepler 452bĀ appears to be that planet and scientists are quick to call it the “first” second Earth.

Here’s a digital rendering provided by NASA and it’s pretty amazing.

NASA Discovers Earth Like Planet

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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