Nearly 50% of Netflix subscribers think its content is getting better


Netflix subscribers are generally happy with the direction of the company’s content with just under half of all customers saying they are enjoying the company’s content selections.

Netflix debuted its DVD-by-mail service in 1998 but transitioned to a dominant streaming video service in recent years.

The company is now known for aggregating movies and TV shows while debut its very own original shows.

Executives at Netflix for the last several years have said that original and exclusive TV shows and movies are the future of the rapidly growing platform.

Netflix will release 600 hours of original content this year, including 31 original shows. That’s almost double the amount of original content the company released in 2015.

According to research by RBC Capital Markets, 49% of Netflix subscribers thought Netflix’s content had improved over the last year (further breaking that number down, 30% said it had “greatly or moderately improved” with the remainder answering “slightly improved”). Only 10% thought content had gotten worse.

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Here’s some interesting data from the study:

Half of Netflix subscribers say content is getting better

RBC Capital Markets

Even as Netflix continues to remake itself, the company is not experiencing any lost in trust from its customers.

60% of respondents told RBC that original content was important to their decision to remain a Netflix subscriber. That’s up from 46% two years ago.

Nearly one-quarter (24%) said original content did not influence their decision to stay with their Netflix subscription.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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