Nearly half of Americans have more debt than savings

Americans and savings

Nearly half (48%) of all Americans say have more debt than savings, according to a new survey of credit card balances from

Despite five years of economic improvement, those numbers have remained constant for the last half decade.

More than half (57%) of respondents younger than 30 indicate that their savings are greater than their debts.

Respondents between 30 and 49 were most likely to have greater debt than savings, with 26% reporting that their credit card balances outweighed their savings.

Three in 10 respondents said they were less comfortable with their savings today than they were one year prior. Nearly one-fourth (22%) said they were comfortable with their savings in general.

Almost one-third of respondents in the under-30 bracket said their net worth today is higher than it was one-year prior.

While Millennials appears to be saving more money, only 64% told Bankrate that they are employed, and one in four only work part-time.

While one in four people between 50 and 64-years-old reported no credit card debt, they also reported zero in savings.