Need Office Space? Try Co-Working For Free


The new trend of co-working allows entrepreneurs to build community in shared work spaces that are inexpensive and professional. Co-working space provider OfficeLinks hopes to grow the market for this service and lure lonesome work-at-homers out into their ready-to-use offices and meeting rooms with Free Fridays.

Workers in Chicago and New York can try the Co-Working Offices – office spaces with enterprise-grade technology and workplace infrastructure – for free on Fridays. The offices are fully-furnished and staffed. They can be accessed on a transactional basis – as needed. The Co-Working program includes access to modern workstations, free WIFI, as well as refreshments and snacks to fuel the brain.

Interested professionals may register by calling (646) 512 – 5700. Each Friday starting on August 28th there will be ten no-charge spaces available.

“The current economic climate has created a new category of mobile professionals who are demanding affordable, business-ready places to work, on-demand,” stated Harsh Mehta, chief operating officer and executive vice president of OfficeLinks.

“We launched OfficeLinks Co-Working product based on strong customer demand. We also recognize that people who are not familiar with this leading-edge workplace concept may want to take a test drive first. As such we are offering Co-Working Fridays free through the summer so that they may try our next-generation workspace and experience whether Co-Working is right for them. We are confident they will enjoy the ability to access our professional workspace with the same ease they would a coffee shop or hotel.”

I’m sure we’d all be curious to hear from anyone who takes advantage of Free Fridays.

Image Credit: Nate One, Flickr

  • As someone who works in a coworking facility, and who writes and thinks about alternative office space quite a bit (see, I can say that it truly is a great way to work. I often get the naive comment that coworking facilities are places for people who can’t afford a regular office. It makes me laugh… I just don’t have any desire to work in a more traditional office again. That may change, but for now coworking is the way to go for me.

    The companies that are offering coworking, and those more formal alternative offerings – executive suites – are offering a lot of “free” space to people these days (see Office Suites PLUS). It’s not only because their occupancy is a little low in this economic; it’s to boost awareness, and what better way to get awareness than to do something like offer free space.

    Also, as a side note, many in the coworking “industry” prefer the non-hyphenated version of the word to differentiate it from the traditional uses of the word co-worker.