Nestle under fire for claiming hot chocolate is a good breakfast food

Nesquik ad banned in the UK

Nesquik Hot Chocolate claims to be “a great start to the day” for children, a claim that Britain’s advertising regulator has ruled is completely false.

Nestle can no longer make that claim on Nesquik hot chocolate labels. The tagline was part of an advertisement campaign for Walmart-owned Asda stores in the UK.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority called the slogan “irresponsible” and upheld a complaint from a children’s advocacy group.

ASA says the ad “should not have appeared at all” because the product was “high in added sugar” and that presenting it as a suitable regular breakfast food “encouraged poor nutritional habits in children.”

Nestle told the group that the ad was  targeted at adults who were shopping for their family. The company also claims that the Nesquik bunny promotes “a physically active, energetic character who could promote a healthy lifestyle.”

The group behind the ban, Sustain, has called for less sugar in food targeted at children.

ASA has the legal authority to ban ads in the UK that it believes to be misleading.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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