Netflix Debuts First Spanish Language Series, ‘Club de Cuervos’

Club de Cuervos on Netflix

Netflix on Friday released its first Spanish-language series, “Club de Cuervos.” The 13-part dramedy is directed by Gaz Alazraki, the man behind “Nosotros Los Nobles,” the second-highest-grossing film in Mexican film history.

“Club de Cuervos” is a high-energy, entertaining romp set around a fictional soccer club and the fighting between the brother and sister owners.

Luis Gerardo Méndez plays Chava, the irresponsible son of the owner of Club de Cuervos. “We had an idea — what if Tommy Boy inherited a soccer club,” says Alazraki, who created the series with Mike Lam.


The streaming service is available in the U.S., Latin America, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and some European countries and has announced plans to enter Spain, Portugal and Italy. With such a large Spanish reach, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the streaming service would aim to target Spanish viewers.


The series was set in the world of soccer in Mexico because “there were many natural entrances and hooks that the different demographics could relate to,” the director says.

Because so many Mexican soccer teams are populated by players from other countries, the show was able to hire actors from different demographics.


Netflix and Alazraki are hoping U.S. audiences, whether Spanish-speaking or not, also take to the “Club de Cuervos.” The director believes the series will speak to people no matter the language.


Are you a non-Spanish speaking person who has taken a liking to the new series? I caught the first episode as a non-Spanish speaking American and I have to admit it caught my attention and I’ll be returning to watch more episodes in the future.

Written by Peter Mondrose

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