Neuroscience For Business: Why It Matters and What You Should Know


The way that you work is going to change. If you think the Internet rocked the business world, wait until the brain revolution filters down into your daily workflow. Things. Will. Change. People are the core of any business, and much of the conventional wisdom about people is flat out wrong. Are you Type A or Type B? What is your Myers-Briggs? Should you use a carrot or a stick? Does the focus group like your advertisement? Is charismatic leadership the way to go? Should you pursue a low-price strategy?

If only it were that simple. That is what we have made business. Simple. That can be good, sometimes, but there are two problems with simple rules.

1. Too many people let the rule replace the analysis. That is fine for simple cases, but complex issues may have subtle factors that often make the rules irrelevant.

2. Competition is intense. As a result, incremental gains matter more than ever before. If you can squeeze out that extra 1%, it could make a major difference in your bottom line.

Things are changing. Business will be affected by the findings of brain science. Ignore this at your own peril. But also be warned that reading the rest of this post could tear down your candyland view of how business works.

Important Findings of Neuroscience

Areas of Business