Neurotechnology – It’s What I’ve Been Saying

For nearly three years now I've been saying that neurotechnology will become increasingly important. So, I'm glad to see there is now an investing and business conference for the neurotechnology industry.

  • Sorry to be late, but what is the focus of neurotechnology apart from medical initiatives? Can you point to an article that will tell the uninitiated about it?

  • Rob

    There is neuromarketing, which I think qualifies as a neurotechnology. More importantly we are moving towards a future where we will implant devices into our own brains for non-medical purposes.

  • I knew that would happen. Question was when? And my guess was cloning would happen before neurotech equipping. More interesting will be the interaction between neurotech-equipped and non-neurotech-equipped. Right now it looks quite bewildering to me, though I have great faith in the ability of humans to adapt. But can’t help feeling a lump in my throat!