New On the Blogroll

I've added lots of new blogs to the blogroll in the last few weeks. The trend will probably continue because it seems I find more and more new bloggers I like every week. But, most of you are busy and probably haven't strolled through my entire blog list. Because many of the blogs are just people's names or use a phrase as the title, it is difficult to tell which blogs on the blogroll are business blogs. Here is a rundown of the business related blogs I have added in the past few weeks.

A Penny For – Todd blogs mostly about business, but doesn't update every day, maybe because he has a young kid and a business of his own.

RunOns – Andy is the blogger whose posts are most similar to what you will find on this site (I've actually skipped blogging a few cool articles because he beat me to them), and he is young and enthusiastic like myself. He doesn't update daily, but when he blogs, he usually does a lot at once.

Corporate Law Blog – Mike really knows his stuff. A great blog, but a bit hard to follow at times for legal novices like myself. I'm learning, though.

Flow of Time – nice observations, but not updated very often.

Matt Certo's Internet Strategy Blog – Matt is a really sharp guy who doesn't really link to a lot of articles, but just posts good business insights. He deals mostly with Internet stuff, but he is also a strategy buff so I like the site. He updates a few days a week.

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Small Business Blog – Doug posts quite a bit. It's like this site except that he focuses on small business, and posts a lot about blogging too.

Ryan's Hope – a Wharton MBA-to-be. I just found his site, so I will reserve my comments until I can check it out more.

The Big Picture – A blog focused on the stock market, and Barry really knows his stuff. But he should since he does that for a living. As much as he blogs, emails, and comments on blogs, I don't know if he ever sleeps. Usually updates daily.

TJ's Weblog – focused on venture capital and entrepreneurship. I just started reading it this week.

Unbound Creativity – a brand new blog run by Mario, a regular in the comments section here. He has sent me quite a few articles the past few months. I guess now he will keep them for his own blog. Not much there so far, but I expect good things.

Then there is the League of MBA bloggers. It will take me awhile to get through all these, but I'll let you know which ones I like.

Since the weekend is here and blogging will be lite, I hope you all can check out some of these other sites and see what you think.