New Tylenol Ads – Will the Strategy Work?

I just saw a Tylenol ad that consisted of the VP of sales stating that some people take more than the recommended dose of Tylenol, and that the company doesn't condone that. She says she would rather people use it correctly even if it means fewer sales. Has anyone else seen this ad?

The point, I assume is to portray Tylenol as a company that cares about customer safety first and money second. That is nice, but will it help Tylenol sales? Will people buy more because they view Tylenol as a responsible company?

My theory is that Tylenol decided to change the playing field. For years the commercials have been about pain relief. They have focused on what doctors recommend and what people prefer and what relieves pain better. I think Tylenol decided to try a different message because competing on the same old points hasn't gotten them as far as they hoped. Mental note – check Tylenol sales in six months to see if they have changed.