New Ways For Pets To Spend Your Money

Pampered PuppyJari PortraitsThe luxury pet market has one upped itself. We’ve gone beyond doggie daycare, beyond pet hotels, beyond holistic pet food. Introducing the dog engagement collar. On July 5th a new collection was launched at the Millionaire fair in Capri. But don’t worry if you’re no millionaire. Overpriced dog collars will trickle down to your economic strata soon.

High end K9EXCLU is a joint venture between several Italian jewelry and leather makers market, who have a passion for our four-legged friends and passion for luxury and the Made in Italy. The company’s press release continues:

Each piece is the result of a deep research that is expressed through innovative design, careful selection of materials and attention to detail.

K9EXCLU is the real definition of luxury accessories and fashion couture for dogs in Europe.

Created by dog lovers for dog lovers, based on the experience of who has made fashion a working lifestyle and has understood what was missing.

What does that even mean? Innovative design? It’s a strip of leather with baubles and a clasp. Fashion couture for dogs? My dog goes au natural (and he’s an Italian Greyhound!) Understood what was missing? I’m sure the only thing missing from the lives of these pet owners is a mortgage and other such nasty requirements of daily life, such as pumping one’s own gas and braving the aisles of the supercenter, which is where we’ll soon be treated to even more knock-off luxury pet products soon.

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The engagement collar is only the beginning, because where there is an engagement, there must be a wedding. And then a home of one’s own, children, private puppy school… It’s the natural progression of the anthropomorphism of man’s best friend that has included pet portraits, puppy showers, and the complicated world of pet insurance.

The American Pet Product Manufacturers Association (APPMA) has named the pet product trends for 2008:

Name Brands – Companies including like Paul Mitchell, Omaha Steaks, Origins, Harley Davidson and Old Navy now offer pet products.

Lodging – Hotels across the country getting pet friendlier, providing oversized pet pillows, doggie robes, and pet toys and treats. (The best my kids ever got was a washcloth folded to look like a duck.)

Ultra Luxury – Feathered day beds , designer bird cages, botanical fragrances and rhinestone tiaras – or engagement collars.

Super Grooming – Birds with nail polish, self-flushing litter boxes, baby wipes for muddy paws. These are just a few of the super grooming products on the market.

Gourmet Food – Kittens now drink formula and old dogs can watch their weight.

There are more, but I have to stop. It’s sick. Besides, I have to go feed my naked dog his dry pellets.