Nintendo NX will arrive in March 2017


The Nintendo NX will arrive in March 2017. The company’s Wii U was wildly disappointing in terms of sales and the announcement of the new console is likely a way for Nintendo to ensure investors that it is planning for the future.

The name of the console may change before launch. Nintendo has used the “NX” moniker as a codename for the new project.

The company has promised a “brand-new concept” for its next generation gaming console, although it has remained mum on the details.

“We are not disclosing specific information, as it is provisional,” the company said.

Nintendo unveiled plans for the NX by burying it in a three page quarterly financial report. The new console was hidden between information about a new video game called “Kirby: Planet Robobot,” and a statement about growth in its “amiibo” action figure business.

Analysts have been expecting Nintendo to unveil its new console at the E3 video game expo in June.

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Nintendo has sold fewer than 13 million Wii U consoles total since its November 2012 release. The PS4 and Xbox One have doubled or tripled Nintendo’s console sales in one year less time.

Microsoft has sold nearly 20 million Xbox One consoles, and Sony has sold about 36 million PlayStation 4s.

When the Nintendo Wii debuted it became an immediate success and eventually sold more than 100 million consoles.

The Wii U’s tablet-like control failed to capture customers’ imaginations like the Wimote, the company’s revolutionary gesture-control remote control.

Earlier this year the company released a video game for mobile phones called “Miitomo” in an attempt to diversify its efforts.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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