No Fatalities During the White Black Friday


Friday marked the first in a series of  ‘Running of the Brides’ events to help brides find the perfect wedding gown at a bargain price. Bridezilla’s will descend upon Filene’s Basement in what they company calls ‘shopping as a full-contact sport’.

“We promise our vendors that we won’t reveal the labels, but I can say that these are well-known names featured regularly on the pages of popular brides’ magazines,” said Nicole Iaricci, FILENE’S BASEMENT’S wedding gown buyer. Which is why, when the doors open, there is a mad dash to the racks — held up by store employees so they don’t topple — and those racks are usually stripped bare in under a minute. Then it’s time for the women to strip — down to leotards, sports bras or even underwear — to try on the gowns right on the sales floor.

What Filene’s describes as a quaint sounding ‘old-fashioned bazaar’ sounds to me like another recipe for disaster ala WalMart. Their language is very aggressive: ‘Running of the Brides’ connotes bulls and gore. ‘Full contact sport’ brings to mind linebackers and tackles.

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I’ve never been one to fight for my bargains, so I’m not speaking from experience here. But I think we’ve seen enough tragedy to move on. It seems to me that some of the old rules of society that kept these types of affairs quite civil has eroded. I wonder how long these types of sales will continue. People have died! You think brides won’t kill? Pre-nuptual women can be insane, literally.

Do you think the  time for these mob-mentality sales has passed?