No Glamour Here: The Truth About Entrepreneurship

What's up with entrepreneur worship in the U.S. business culture? We read about it. We admire the Gates and Dells of the world who have built huge companies from scratch. But truth be told, entrepreneurship is anything but glamourous. Do you want to know what entrepreneurs really do? They cold call. They clean bathrooms and mop floors. They make copies and fix computer problems. They answer phones. They fill out paperwork. They work weekends, and holidays. They have to, because their employees just want to work 40 hours and leave, and they can't afford to hire any more help. Sure, they do lots of other things too, but when you hear that "entrepreneurs do it all", that includes the shit jobs. Barry Moltz was right when he said "You Have to Be a Little Crazy" to want to run your own business. Don't get me wrong – it's a blast. The fast pace, the tough decisions, the incomplete information, the grey areas – it is like playing a sporting event, only it is a mental one. But, it isn't glamourous – it is hard. If you do it, do it for the fun. If you are in it for the prestige, you will get a quick wake up call. Now I better get back to sweeping that front walkway…

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