No More Drunk Driving

A new local business claims to cut down on drunk driving and make a profit all at the same time.

In that context, two Louisville men think they have an idea that can help keep drunk drivers off the road. CityScoot, a business modeled on an idea from across the ocean, opens for business tonight. If you venture out into the Louisville bar scene during the next few days, chances are you'll notice them and their minuscule — and terribly cute — black-and-yellow minibikes.

They'll set up shop outside bars, and they're also for hire for private events. Their premise is simple: You're out having a good time. You drink too much. You don't want to drive drunk, but you don't want to leave your car sitting on some dark side street, and you sure as hell don't want to depend on one of your hungover friends for a ride the next day to pick it up.

For a $10 pickup fee plus $2 a mile, a fully insured CityScoot driver will throw his portable 49-cc scooter in your trunk and drive you home in your own vehicle. Then he'll get out the scooter, snap it into place, and ride away into the night. He won't tuck you in, and he won't take you to the store for more beer. If you're smart, you'll call it a night.

Not a bad idea, but it must be hard to hire people to work such strange hours.

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