NT’s Make Better Decisions?


Score one for those of use who are NT on the Myers-Briggs test. According to one study, we make better decisions than others.

We found that iNtuiting/Thinking managers used their intuition to make cognitive leaps based on objective information to craft more decisions of higher quality than other managers. In contrast, Sensing/Feeling types used time to seek socially acceptable decisions, which led to the lowest number of decisions and the lowest perceived effectiveness of all. We found no effect on decisiveness or perceived effectiveness based on a manager's preference for Perceiving or Judging. However, we found that others perceived Extraverted managers as being more effective than Introverted managers when, in fact, the Extraverts were no more decisive than Introverts. Thus, cognitive style influences actual decision outcomes as well as how others perceive one's decision performance.

So you ENT- types out there have a good chance of getting promoted. I'm an INTP, so I might perform as well as you, but no one will notice.

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