NYC Uber drivers to protest latest rate cuts

NYC Uber drivers to protest

Uber drivers in New York City are planning to protest the company’s recent decision to cut rates by 15%.

“Let’s shut down Uber for the entire day,” reads a flier that drivers are circulating to all of their Uber customers.

The protest is expected to take place from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Monday in front of the company’s Long Island City office.

“It is time for our voice to be heard,” the flyer continues. “Let’s shut down Uber for the entire day. Do not use your app for 24 hours starting Monday.”

Uber recently slashed rates by 15% in an attempt to get customers out of their apartments during the cold winter months.

Effective Friday, the company has lowered its minimum UberX fares to $7, down from $8.

After announcing the fare reduction last week, Uber claimed that prior rate cuts led to more money for drivers as they picked up an increased number of fares.

The ride-hailing service also announced that based on seniority, Uber drivers would earn a guaranteed $30 to $40 per hour before Uber takes its share and taxes are paid.

“Price changes need to work for drivers,” an Uber spokesperson says. “If for any reason the price cuts are not giving drivers more business and better earnings, we will consider changing them as we have in other cities.”

The company says that over the weekend drivers spent 39% less time without a fare, which increased their hourly earnings by 20%.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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