OJ Fights Back Against Low Carb

Some industries are suffering due to popularity of low carb diets. The Florida Citrus Industry isn't going to take it anymore.

"There are powerful, negative messages against us," said Bob Crawford, executive director of the Florida Department of Citrus. "We're not going to stand and take it."

Florida's $9 billion citrus industry has reason to be concerned. Orange juice consumption has fallen from 888 million gallons during the 2000-2001 growing season to an expected 844 million gallons in the current season.

Citrus officials said a noticeable drop occurred last March when low-carb diets began to reach a critical mass.

Of course, part of the strategy is to sue (this is America, after all, land of the lawsuit). The marketing campaign should be fun to watch. The beef industry is loving Atkins while the bread and fruit juice industries are hating it. In the end, consumers will probably win as more analysis and studies of low carb diets are done in an attempt for each side to support their arguments.

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