OK! Magazine Michael Jackson Cover Goes Too Far

OK! Magazine’s latest issue shows a post-heart attack Michael Jackson on the cover. Tabloid rags are always pushing past the fringes of decency to grab reader attention, but this goes too far. It would have been acceptable if Michael Jackson had survived. But please, OK! Mag, remember the man as he was in his glory days.

What are your thoughts on this cover?


  • Vanessa


  • Victoria

    I cannot fully express how angry I am that OK! have used this picture! They should have thought about his CHILDREN before running this cover.

  • ugh.

    Why SHOULD we remember him in his glory days? I agree, the cover is in poor taste. But lets not forget what he was accused of and charged with. Puh-lease. Stop making MJ out to be a god. He was not Elvis. He WAS great … at one time. But he did make very poor decisions later in his life. He made his bed, now he must sleep in it…

  • BS

    Well last I checked they found him not guilty.. and I doubt you personally knew him so who are you to judge someon..

  • Laura

    OK magazine should of not have had that picture as the cover of their magazine..! Despite all the stupid allegations that he was accused and found NOT guilty about. No one deserves that. and for the idiot who couldnt even make up a fake name “ugh”, walk a mile in his shoes before you say anything about Michael Jackson. Its bad enough he has been accused of those allegations but den wen he dies theres a picture of him dead in the ambulance..wow “ugh” would u like ur kids to be in wal-mart and see you dead in the ambulance on the front of a magazine on display? Hmm….maybe not. Dont compare him to Elvis because obviously if everyones in a hoot of his death..he is close to that comparison.. THAT MAGAZINE SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF SHELVES! LIKE THE DECEASE REST IN PEACE…goshh OK magazine hav a heart thats soo horrifyin.

  • Mary

    Wow! i found it bittersweet how they have a picture of him dead and then say “Michael’s TRAGIC DEATH, why he didnt have to die” but den OK magazine is gonna have a picture of him dead (sarcastically speaking) AWESOME MAGAZINE soo creative. I sure will buy that magazine next time i go to the store only to remember his death not his legacy!

  • Vanessa

    yeah he was found not guilty& the kid is now saying he lied so stfu he was an icon and will truly never be forgotton so Ok! i think im gunna cancell my subscirbtion!!!!!!!!!!

  • disgraceful!.. but not suprised

  • Andre Mayer

    He diddled a bunch of kids. That’s what I think. Some forgot I guess, maybe if he had slipped his finger of some of their kids’ booty holes they wouldn’t be as touchy about it.

    What do I think? Its a picture, its America, get over it.

  • Andre Mayer

    AND, the first case MJ paid to have it dropped, he WAS NOT found “not guilty” …. He paid millions to end it, that’s NOT the same thing, and not something an innocent man would do.

  • AshleyAnn

    This is a step to far.
    IT was the MEDIA that killed him.
    They drove him too far after the whole child mollestation incident.
    F**k them.
    Rest in peace Mike. :)

    P.s, elvis was god?
    Please- Elvis had some skeletons too. He liked 12 & 13 year old girls.

  • mj

    hate it when people use this as a platform to criticise him with false allegations!

  • sumsum

    Comment abuout ugh’s comment!

    Seriously… wtf… Michael jackson was NOT guilty of child mollestation, Michael was innocent and just a big kid himself, he didnt have a childhood, and was guilty of only trying to give kids the childhood he didnt have. Michael would never have harmed a child in any kind of way.
    And Elvis.. really? Elvis was a junkie, not a God.
    Michael was, is still and i believe will always be an icon, reguardless of what a few idiotic peoples opinions are.
    Michael will be greatly missed and will never be forgotten.

  • Andrea

    I was in Morrisons today and was gobsmacked when I saw the Magazine cover. My mum and I were looking at it and thinking they never but then we started talking to the lady next to us and she said the same thing as us it should never have been allowed to reach the shelves!!
    I would be so upset and angry if that was my brother on the front page and u open the Magazine up and it gets worse!!
    His poor little children have they not suffered enough with wicked allegations from money grabbing people who wanted and most probably had ruined his career!! That Magazine went too far and I will never ever buy another copy ever again out of respect for michael and his children and family. The person who printed that story should be ashamed and to all those who thought he would hurt children why was he allowed to keep his own? and why was he cleared? sick this is. RIP Michael, you deserve to be left alone you were too kind for this world!!

  • phestusmb`

    I am sure this hurts his kids. But even in my family we have pics of our loved ones did in their casket. It is a way of remembering someone even after their death. I don’t see what the big deal is. Plus i’m sure his family is getting that money for the pic.. they are wealthy people… what do they care…

  • Danina

    I am upset about the magazine that printed this picture, but who took it and SOLD it to the magazine. That person is a scum bag.

  • They shouldn’t post those pictures at the first page its utterly disturbing.

  • Evryone in life at some piont in life has made a bad decisions.u dfool dat said mj is bad I don’t blame u becos u can n will be like mj now n forever

  • Sabrina

    I am agan disgusted by Ok magazine-have you seen the latest on the shelves-they just won’t let Michael rest in peace-i didn’t buy the mag at all but was disgusted and shocked that they are judging him, his family and his skin.Agree that Ok magazine make much rubbish up…..what a lower grade magazine….very down market and unclassy, i hope those that put any nasty articles together do not rest in peace……….Will miss you MJ-RIP

  • Jessay

    Lets Just Say That That Stupid Little Son Of a bitch Jordan Confessed That michael never touched him So …
    Michael Your a True Legend Of Pop Forever In Our Lives I dont Care wheter Or Not Michael did Those Things i could Never Say anything Bad About him I didnt no the Man? .. but this picturee is just sick if i died and paparrazzi were taking pictures ofMe then i would just wish them to rote in hell! .. I Mightened Of Been One Of Mj’s Most Devoted Fans but As Soon As He Died I began To Realise I truelly Loved him and his Music I didnt Care Of his Looks and I feel So sorry for His Children Rip Mj :( xx

  • ester

    i love you michael jackson

  • Debbie

    well you said the cover went too far, duh, so did you by posting this website of the photo…

  • scott

    he was wayyyy better than elvis, are u kidding me??? and ur a hypocrite do u remember what elvis was like in HIS last years, he was accused of being equally as wierd. do some research

  • La Ann

    in all of these comparisons to elvis, we need to remember the conditions surrounding his death. elvis was not in his prime at the time of his death either…

  • BLAW


  • MJ

    ok first it ticks me off to see people comparing MJ and Elvis together. sure Elvis was good – to some – but never as good as MJ. Seriously.
    In words you should understand.
    Elvis became famous because back in those days whites were racist against blacks so they got a white man to sing like a black man.
    and i bet you if you go to any third world country and mention elvis and MJ they’re bound to know who MJ is. Elvis i can’t be so sure.
    if i look at my own family. no one loves Elvis but we love MJ.
    and have any of you seen videos of Elvis and MJ. when MJ comes into a room the whole room is filled with thunderous applause Elvis’ concert go check it out yourself.

    2ndly this pic is scary.. i don’t want to rem MJ like this.

    and lastly. i LOVE MJ so very much. i always have been a fan and stood by him when all the crap was going on. Michael is INNOCENT! i know he’s innocent because

    the minute he became the best selling album in the history of Guinness book of world records, OVERNIGHT they called him a freak, they called him homosexual, they called him a child molester, they said he tried bleach his skin. they made everything to try turn the public against him.

  • Carole Bonnet

    It’s a shame to show this picture! what about respect and decency? Is it all about money? I’ll never buy your magazine again.

  • It’s the worlds fault, why we have lost MJ. Get over yourselves. I am GLAD OK hade enough courage to put this photo on their cover. It’s not about money, it’s about truth. All you haters put MJ where he is today. Give yourselves a round of applause. However, no one can take away what he did for the world, and that is the point. If you could humble yourselves and refuse to continue using ignorance as a excuss, your lives would be so much better.

    Why don’t you do what MJ did; dedicate your life to serving others. Then you will have found your true life’s purpose.

  • Angel 9021045

    if ok has put that picture on the front cover it is to tell the real thrut.i am glad that atleast one magazine hand the courage to do it.

  • No no, he is alive. They found him in the woods. Then the video taper got it!!!!


  • Unknown

    Ok to clear somethings up MJ was charged NOT guilty of all charges. AND not only because he has money but because he doesn’t moleste children. People only know the things that come on tv. If people wanted to get their facts straight the would have to look deeper. R.I.P MJ maybe now they will leave you alone….