One Way of Looking at Socialized Healthcare


  • Kevin

    One broken way of looking at it. After all, the public option has worked so well in other places it’s been tried. Nobody from Canada is running down to the U.S. for health care.

    Oh, wait…

  • howard

    yeah, unless you count drugs as part of healthcare — in which case, it’s the exact opposite (people running to Canada).

  • In the Public Option portion you forgot to include the Tax Collector, the Tax Auditor, the Congressman, the Congressman’s Mistress, the Secretary of Health, the Secretary of Health’s Secretary, The FDA director, the FDA director’s poodle, the new Health Services Directorate, the HSD’s publicist, the producer of FCC-mandated public service television and radio commercials, the pharmaceutical companies, the trial lawyers, and the lobbyists for the pharmcos and physicians’ associations.

  • Sara


    Lots of Americans also go to Canada for healthcare. And believe it or not, most surveys of those subject to nationalized care show that people actually do like it better than we like ours. If you’ve spent any time in other countries, you might actually know this firsthand, rather than spouting a half-true talking point.

  • Jeff

    Or you count the people running to India or even of all places, Mexico to get healthcare.

  • Kevin

    @ Sara:

    Come on Sara. Do you have anything to back this up? Can you tell me one country where socialized healthcare is better than the system we have here? Can you tell me one country where it actually works?

    @ Jeff:

    People run there to get elective stuff done cheaper. It’s like running to a sweat shop in China to get your new Nike’s. It doesn’t mean their system is better, the quality is better, or anything else. You’re comparing apples to oranges.

  • Brian R

    “yeah, unless you count drugs as part of healthcare — in which case, it’s the exact opposite (people running to Canada).” That is because they do not develop ANY drugs and simply copy many of ours!

    So, who are we going to copy? seems to be something you need to consider if you want us to do what Canada does.

    Sad part about this is you applaud Canada for steeling our hard work and The investments that we have made in producing the vast majority of new medications in the world.

  • andrew

    Germany is a good example. My daughter had her appendix out and it the total cost $3300. Here in C’Ville it would have been $10000. They have a public/private insurance system and top notch care.

  • Kevin

    @ Andrew

    Few problems…

    Germany has 82 million people. U.S. has 300 million. Slight difference in cost and supply/demand there.

    Second, you’re speculating on the costs.

    Third, with insurance, you’d just pay your deductible, not the entire price of the procedure. Most insurance in U.S. has deductible lower than what you paid for the procedure in Germany.

    Fourth, the health care system in Germany is not similar to what the Obama administration wants to institute in America. It is not similar to the British, French, or the Canadian system. Obama on the other hand would like a single payer. That’s not what Germany has.

    So, Germany is not part of this discussion. It’s comparing apples to oranges.