OneLogin buys Portadi for an undisclosed sum

Portadi and OneLogin

Portadi launched in the beginning of 2015 and the company has already been acquired. OneLogin has purchased the company for an undisclosed sum.

OneLogin is competing against such billion-dollar companies as Okta for a piece of the space. Portadi helps bring a level of automation to the OneLogin onboarding process.

OneLogin acts as a single sign-on access point for all of your enterprise cloud applications.

The company uses the industry standard called SAML to drive logins, unfortunately not all platforms use the protocol.

OneLogin CEO Thomas Pedersen told TechCrunch that purchasing Portadi would help better connect users to their accounts.

What Portadi will allow OneLogin to do is create account connectors on the fly when a user logs into an application that’s not part of their system.

“What Portadi had built was a clever heuristics-­based engine that seamlessly and with very high accuracy detects a user’s login activity and captures the user’s credentials in the process. I quickly realized that we had to include this as part of OneLogin,” Pedersen wrote in a company blog post announcing the acquisition.

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Portadi’s founders will be joining OneLogin as part of the deal. The company also purchased CafeSoft, a small web access management startup last December.

OneLogin has raised $42.7 million since being founded in 2010. The company’s newest funding round was a $25 million Series C in December 2014.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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