Open Source Business

I have a very idealistic view of business. What I mean by this is that while I am partially in it for the money (who doesn't want to be wealthy?) it really is more about having fun and being challenged. I love talking, writing, reading and thinking about business. When I take time off, I usually think about work because my work is exciting.

I am also a believer in competition. I love the game aspect of business. I love that competition forces people to cut costs, innovate, and provide better customer service. I love to try out competing businesses and see how they try to differentiate themselves from competitors. These two ideas have presented me with a question that bothers me quite a bit. Should I support a more "open source" business culture?I would like to. I think Linux has been good for the computing community and will only contribute more value over time. I think a similar movement in business where people are very open about their ideas and how their businesses work would be valuable. It would help consumers and foster increased innovation. There has been a movement over the last couple of years to make companies naked corporations, which is an idea along these same lines.

The problem is that no one really wants to give away their secrets. As regular readers here know, I don't give a lot of specific details about the investments I'm pursuing or involved in and what my day to day responsibilities are. I'm no different from all those other corporate executives out there who want to know what everyone else is doing, but don't want anyone to know what they themselves are up to. I want to change my mind. I want to encourage open sourced business discussion, but I honestly wonder how well I can compete in a world where my competitors have that much information. On the flip side, maybe I would get more good advice as well.

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This is one of those things I think about sometimes while staring out the window. Mrs. Businesspundit will ask what I am doing and expects a deep emotional response about how I am worried about something or whatever people normally say when they stare out windows. Then I have to either make up an answer or take ten minutes explaining what I am thinking at which point she and anyone else around wonder why anyone would care to think about such things. I'll chew on this some more, but maybe it is time to write more specifically about some of the business challenges I face day to day.